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Minnesota Governor's Press Release as of 1-8-06

Today the Governor announced his proposals to the Legislature involving the active duty military, dependents and retirees.   The news conference was attended by many Veterans.  The Governor thanked the Military Action Group for all of our work over the past year to help bring many of his initiatives forward.

The full list of initiatives can be found at

I have not seen this much excitement coming from the Legislators about getting things done for the Veterans as I have this past two weeks.  Dennis Rock and myself attended the news conference today at the Governor’s office.

SF 30 from Senator Vickerman and SF 32 from Senator Wergin are out.  I haven’t seen the exact wording of the bills, but the governor wanted 100%.

Start contacting your state representatives NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I will do my best to keep you posted on the developments.

If you can attend committee meeting in the next couple of week please let me know.  We usually don’t find out about a bill being heard until the day before so notices will be short.

Ralph Donais
Chapter 115