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DFAS announces schedule for release of tax statements

American Forces Press Service

Servicemembers, military retirees and annuitants, and federal civilian employees paid by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service can expect to receive their 2006 tax statements beginning this month, DFAS officials announced Monday.

DFAS customers with access to the secure, Web-based "myPay" system will be able to retrieve their tax statements electronically up to two weeks sooner than those relying on regular mail delivery, officials said.

The myPay system includes layers of defense against identity theft, officials noted, adding that its technology meets or exceeds security requirements in private industry worldwide.

"Tax statements are available online, allowing customers to view and print W2s and 1099Rs. Whether anyone needs the statements to complete taxes or just want an extra copy for their records, the tax statements can be accessed and printed at any time," Patrick Shine, DFAS operations director, said. "The printable statements are approved by the Internal Revenue Service."

Here are projected distribution dates for DFAS customers' tax statements:

Shine added that current myPay account holders can eliminate the costs associated with generating and distributing the tax statements immediately by signing up and using myPay. A personal identification number, or PIN, is required to use the system, and eligible users can apply for one at the myPay Web site,

Users with military e-mail addresses -addresses in the .mil domain -- or a pre-registered personal e-mail address can receive their new PIN via e-mail. All others will receive their new PIN via mail in about 10 working days from the date of request, officials said.

Customers who already had obtained a PIN but have forgotten it can apply for a new one at the myPay site.